Fully Responsive

Responsivity out of the box. You control things like column widths using Bootstrap syntax.

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Built In Authentication

Multiple authentication strategies allows you to control who sees what right from the front door.

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Dozens of Widgets

Build your front-end from dozens of component widgets from input forms to signature pads and payment gateways.

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Full CSS Control

Want to change how something looks? No problem, you have full CSS control from top to bottom.

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Over 30 Elements and Widgets
Plus custom-built components

You can build just about anything out of the box. For the times that you need something more specialized, we can build it.

Fully Responsive

Your project will be cross platform and mobile responsive right from the start. Your clients will love the fact that your FileMaker data feels just like the rest of the web they know.

Built In Layout Editor

Edit your project from within the web admin panel. FM BetterForms is so flexible, we built the entire admin panel and editor using it.

Full User Authentication

Select either internal authentication or use Auth0 or Login Radius to manage users. Know all user metadata including browser and IP address to help guide your business logic.



  • All Form Input Elements
  • Code Editors
  • Modal Popups
  • Toaster Alerts
  • Payment Gateway Widgets
  • Tab Panels
  • Accordion Panels
  • DropZone File Upload
  • Data Tables
  • Signature Capture
  • ... and many more

Scalable, High Performance and Production Ready

Have a use case that needs high peak performance like a registration site? BetterForms Servers scale automatically. You can support 100's or 1000's of users on-line.
( High user counts may require additional detail to system design and caching )

FM BetterForms

Simple FMS Connection

FM BetterForms connects you to your FileMaker Server with Custom Web Publishing (CWP). The connection users the XML gateway (Data API Support with FMS V17) and does not cost any connection seats. Data caching reduces FMS server load. to reduce data costs significantly.

Development, Staging and Production Support

FM BetterForms supports all areas and stages of development. It is easy to test anything from single pages to entire sites on development, staging, and production environments.

Custom Domains

Adding your app to a new or existng domain is a snap. You can set up FM BetterForms to hang off a subdomain to your site. Eg: portal.mydomain.com or assign your app its own domain www.myFmBackedApp.com.


Everything You Would Expect

FM BetterForms

Single Page Application [SPA]

BetterForms is an SPA. It loads once, and only gets data changes when it needs to from the server. This similar to how FileMaker layouts also work. Users feel good when they can navigate an application quickly and effortlessly with a native application experience.


App shown is built as a Progressive Web App with data caching and native app UX

FM BetterForms

FileMaker Business Logic, FileMaker Data

FileMaker 'hooks' allow you to have full control over user interactions. Hooks call scripts that allow you to programatically control all aspects of the user's workflow. Create page redirections, alerts and modals all from a single script step.

How to Build an App

Building your web app is easy

Start With an Example Template

Choose from a single blank page or a multi-step wizard. Duplicate an existing example or start from scratch. Add the needed page content including input fields, rich text blocks and widget components.

Configure Scripts for Data Retrieval

If your page requires data before rendering then fetching and injecting data is usually as simple as 3 script lines. You can also inject special actions to show modals and toaster alerts. All support scripts are automatically generated and ready to be pasted into your existing database.

Add Validation Logic

Use both client side built in JavasScript validation and server side business logic rules. Vaidate with min, max, string, number, regex, and JS on the client or call a FileMaker script and validate against database data and logic.

Configure Navigation and Site Design

Decide if you need top and side navigation and configure.

Select a color theme and add any custom CSS if needed to match your corporate look.

"BetterForms bridges the gap between the web and FileMaker in an incredible way. We were able to complete 2 projects that could not be done using any of the current online forms websites due to their complex logic."
Dan Rosenstein
RadEffect, Toronto
"I’ve been working with this for almost a year and continue to be amazed by what it can do. Integrating the REST API into our application was a breeze and took me about 45 mins."
Mark Anderson
Floristware - Canada
"It's strangely gratifying to modify a script in FileMaker then refresh a web page and see your changes. This is the type of web development any FM Dev can do."
Dan Smith
Daniel Smith Consulting

Built For FileMaker Developers ...

We started FM BetterForms in order to be able to render FileMaker Data with the web in a cost effective way.

FM BetterForms

Full RESTful API

BetterForms has a full REST API ready for your 3rd party service calls and integrations. Endpoints are defined via your scripts. You have full control for all REST verbs and can return responses in JSON, HTML and Plain text. There is even API Version Control. Adding a true API endpoint is a snap!

FM BetterForms

Client and Server-Side Validation

Control input data with 'required', 'read only' and client side validaiton. Define validation logic or call FileMaker and validate your field input server-side.

FM BetterForms

Perfectly Designed

FM BetterForms has a professionally designed flat UI concept for you to customize. You can customize nearly all aspects with Bootstrap, CSS and VueJS under the hood if you need to.


BetterForms is currently in closed VIP Preview Release and significantly discounted. Please contact us if you would like to participate.

  • Test Drive
  • Perfect for learning the platform and simple publishing.

  • Multi-Purpose Rest API
  • No Custom Domains
  • 1 Page / Form
  • No User Authentication
  • No Payment Gateways
  • Slack Tech Support
  • Coming Soon
  • Citizen Developer
  • Build small apps, consume and surface data direct to your FileMaker database.

  • Multi-Purpose Rest API
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • 3 Pages / Forms
  • Basic User Authentication
  • 1 Payment Gateway
  • Basic Tech Support
  • Coming Soon
  • Pro Developer
  • Get serious and build production ready apps and widgets for your clients or comapny. Get full access to the entire platform and all components.
  • Multi-Purpose Rest API
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Advanced User Authentication
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • Premium Tech Support
  • $899 Annual
    ( 40% discount )
  • Get Started
  • Vertical SAAS
  • BetterForms makes building multi-tenant SAAS applications a snap.
    All multi-tenant architectures allowed.
  • Multi-Purpose Rest API
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Advanced User Authentication
  • 3 Payment Gateways
  • Premium Tech Support
  • Achitecture consulting
  • Coming Soon

Additional Options

  • We Build, You Edit
  • One of our app builders will build your app for you.
    You are free to make changes as needed at any time. This option is great for dev's that are too busy to build their apps but want to take advantage of FM BetterForms technology.
  • Full End to End Integration
  • Customized Theme
  • Premium Support
  • Contact Us
  • Enterprise
  • Have a need for an on-site hosting? BetterForms can be installed as a stand-alone application on your corporate network. We will work with your IT department for deployments and updates.
  • Stand-Alone onsite deployment
  • Assist your IT with Deployment
  • Premium Technical Support
  • Software Updates
  • Contact Us

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FM BetterForms is a fluid framework. It can be customized to suit nearly any use case. So far we haven't found anything we could not build with it.
Let's discuss your needs and see how FM BetterForms can solve your web application needs.

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